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What does the Priority field do?

One of the properties on a task is Priority.  The default task priority is Medium.

When there is more than one task available for a person to work on, this person will be scheduled on the available task with the highest priority.

As well as the five priorities in the drop-down list, integer values between 1 and 1000 can be entered.  The higher the number, the higher the priority.  If you use both numeric and text priorities in the same plan, here is how they are related:

900 – Very High
700 – High
500 – Medium
300 – Low
100 – Very Low

The following example shows three tasks that are all available for the same person to work on.  The high priority task is scheduled first, followed by the 500 priority task and then the low priority task.

It is important to consider priorities when using the Maximum hours/day field.  The Maximum hours/day field is used when a person plans to work on multiple tasks in a single day rather than working on one task at a time until completion.  Higher priority tasks will be scheduled earlier in the day than the lower priority tasks.

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