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GamePlan helps keep any project on time


GamePlan gives you a Whiteboard where you plan your project simply by drawing the project workflow.  It’s a natural and intuitive way to plan.  Everyone can plan this way.  And everyone understands the project plan.


As you plan your project, GamePlan automatically creates the schedule.  Team availability is known, so the schedule is achievable.  You now have deliverable dates that can be communicated with confidence.


As you carry out your project, when there’s a delay GamePlan shows you exactly how the delay affects all project deliverables.  GamePlan then helps you find the best way to bring the project back on schedule.

What others are saying

GamePlan is a lifesaver. It’s exactly what I needed, both for personal projects AND for business. The collaboration tools, Gantt chart, and personnel features are exactly what I’ve been scouring the web, looking for. No one does it like GamePlan, and I’m so grateful I found them! It’s my secret weapon.
S.M. Boyce, Author, S.M. Boyce
Why are you not famous?

I don’t understand why you are not all over the web!! This is the best scheduling program by far – incredible! This is what Gantt should look like in every program!!

Michael Berman, Project Manager, - Design and Construction, Click to read my blog post 'Order or Chaos' detailing the 6 project management tools we tested.
Using GamePlan our team can quickly construct all the expected tasks, milestones and major meetings we foresee and use them to estimate the required resources and projected Project completion date.

The professional reporting structure found natively within GamePlan enables us to then produce reports that can be used to explain both the project complexity and current progress with our senior leaders at the click of a button.

The use of GamePlan has greatly reduced our project planning timelines and is allowing us to focus more on our core business.

Lloyd Damp, Aerospace Engineer, Australian Defence Industry

GamePlan gives you peace of mind because you know you will deliver on your commitments.  Watch this video to learn how.

How is GamePlan unique?

GamePlan makes project planning instinctive.  Entering tasks into a Gantt chart is not instinctive.  Drawing your project workflow on a whiteboard is a natural way to plan any project.

There are many tools that visualize project tasks.  But very few let you position and link tasks to show the project workflow.  And only GamePlan automatically updates a Gantt chart project schedule as you make changes on a whiteboard.

Task management vs. Project scheduling

It is important to understand the difference between task management and project scheduling tools.  In task management tools you create tasks, add people, and assign task due dates.  These tools are excellent for team collaboration.

Task management tools show when tasks are due, but they give no indication if the due dates are achievable.  When the inevitable project delay occurs, these tools tell you that you are late, but they cannot help you further.

Project scheduling tools look at task dependencies and team availability, and they calculate the entire project timeline.  When a delay occurs, the project timeline is recalculated.

Task management tools work well when a project is not time sensitive.  However, when a project is time sensitive, only scheduling tools show you what is achievable and keep you on track to meet your project deliverables.

How does GamePlan help?

  • enables everyone to plan their projects

  • shows the best achievable timeline given the team’s availability on other projects

  • visually communicates project plans and schedules

  • shows how delays affect project timelines

  • improves team morale as no one is asked to do more than is possible

  • increases team accountability through project status visibility

Why choose GamePlan?

  • communicate and collaborate effectively with plan visualization

  • check project status from anywhere at anytime, and make informed decisions

  • report realistic timelines and take action early to avoid project delays

  • plan your projects, track progress, and complete your projects on time

30 Day Free Trial