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How does GamePlan help you?

GamePlan Visual Project Planning

Visual Project Planning

GamePlan gives you a visual planning workspace. Planning is intuitive because you simply draw the project workflow. Visual planning eliminates mistakes, and everyone understands the project plan. GamePlan is a powerful, visual communication tool.

Project Scheduling

As you visually plan, GamePlan automatically creates a Gantt chart that shows the resource-leveled project schedule. GamePlan shows what is achievable, given your team's availability. This lets you communicate deliverable dates with confidence.

GamePlan Gantt chart

GamePlan Gantt chart

Project Costing

GamePlan shows exactly how much your project will cost. GamePlan also creates a cost schedule that shows you when your expenses will be incurred. When there are changes to your project, GamePlan shows how your project cost is affected.

Project Tracking

Tracking keeps your Gantt chart up to date. GamePlan shows you how any delay affects your project deliverables, and it helps you bring the project back on time. Make any change to your plan and the Gantt chart automatically updates to show the result.

GamePlan Project Tracking

How GamePlan helps others

S.M. Boyce

S.M. Boyce


GamePlan is a lifesaver. It’s exactly what I needed, both for personal projects AND for business. The collaboration tools, Gantt chart, and personnel features are exactly what I’ve been scouring the web, looking for. No one does it like GamePlan, and I’m so grateful I found them! It’s my secret weapon.

Michael Berman

Michael Berman

Project Manager, - Design and Construction

Why are you not famous? I don’t understand why you are not all over the web!! This is the best scheduling program by far – incredible! This is what Gantt should look like in every program!!

Read my blog post 'Order or Chaos' detailing the 6 project management tools we tested.

Lloyd Damp

Lloyd Damp

Aerospace Engineer, Australian Defence Industry

Using GamePlan our team can quickly construct all the expected tasks, milestones and major meetings we foresee and use them to estimate the required resources and projected Project completion date. The use of GamePlan has greatly reduced our project planning timelines and is allowing us to focus more on our core business.

GamePlan Benefits

  • Visual planning is easy and eliminates mistakes
  • Project scheduling shows when deliverables will be achieved
  • Project costing shows the true cost of the project
  • Visual communication means everyone understands the plan
  • Clear directions keep the project on time
  • Project tracking keeps the schedule up to date
GamePlan Gantt chart software

Project Costing

GamePlan visual

Costing is an important part of successful project planning. Project costing allows you to prioritise profitable projects, make informed funding decisions, manage cash flow and track financial performance.

GamePlan makes project costing easy. Simply enter fixed and variable costs for people and equipment, and project costs are automatically calculated.

GamePlan calculates the overall project cost and produces a daily cost schedule. The cost schedule shows you when costs will be incurred, which helps you manage project cash flow.

Need to reduce costs? Show the cost of each task on the Whiteboard to see where you can trim.

How is GamePlan different to other Gantt Chart software?

You plan your project by drawing your project workflow on the GamePlan Whiteboard. As you plan, the project schedule automatically updates and is displayed in a Gantt chart. Only GamePlan delivers true resource-leveled project scheduling through a visual Whiteboard user experience.

GamePlan visual Gantt chart software

Beware that not all Gantt chart software creates a practical schedule. The Gantt chart schedule must be resource-leveled, which means that no one is double-booked. Otherwise the Gantt chart is misleading as the schedule cannot be achieved. GamePlan's Gantt chart always shows a resource-leveled, achievable schedule.

Task management vs. Project scheduling

GamePlan visual

It's important to understand the difference between task management tools and project scheduling tools.

With task management tools you create tasks and assign task due dates. These tools show when tasks are due, but give no indication if the dates are achievable. When a delay occurs, these tools tell you that you're late, but they can't help you further.

True project scheduling tools look at task effort and team availability, and they calculate the entire project timeline. When a delay occurs, the project timeline is recalculated, showing you how the delay impacts the project.

Task management tools work well when a project is NOT time sensitive. However, if time is important, only scheduling tools show you what is achievable and keep you on track to meet the project deliverables.

Why choose GamePlan?

Peace of mind

No more sleepless nights wondering if you can deliver the project on time. Just check the project status, which is always up to date.

Puts you in control

You are back in the driver's seat. You know that you just have to follow the plan and you will deliver the project successfully.

Clients will love you

GamePlan lets you visually communicate with clients. They love the visual plan because they understand it.

Learn and improve

You have a permanent record of the plan and the actuals. This shows you what went well and where you can improve next time.

Organizations benefitting from GamePlan include

European Comission
Southern Launch
University of British Columbia

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