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After evaluating many popular project planning and project management applications I discovered GamePlan, which simply put is the only project planning and scheduling software that actually works in an intuitive and useful way. The scheduling and auto-gantt generation produces accurate timelines for projects based on tasks and resources (people). Entering timesheet entries updates the projects' progress, and is also very useful for invoicing purposes. Being able to add different work hours for each person, and adding regular meetings and vacation days to the plans, allows the scheduling to predict milestones and end dates surprisingly accurately. I highly recommend GamePlan. For software development projects it's a great alternative to (fr)agile, scrum etc solutions.
Kieran Tyrrell
GamePlan is by far the most natural way to build programmes I have found (and I have used many planning tools including Asta and MS Project). Sequencing is done graphically by linking activities with arrows. Simple. Gantt charts are automatically generated from the activities and links that are done graphically so programmes can be presented in a more traditional way if needed. I have found the graphical approach on the big screen works brilliantly during meetings: It is so clear and intuitive that everyone (no matter what level they are) is able to understand and input their knowledge and experience. The team behind GamePlan listens to their users and welcomes feedback. It’s refreshing to be able to make suggestions, be informed on progress and then see new features regularly rolled out.
Matt Street
The GamePlan program makes my life so much easier! Pros: GamePlan makes my life so much easier. It allows me to schedule out my books and projects so that I always know if I'm going to meet a deadline... and if I'm going to miss it, by how much. It's a cleverly designed tool that makes me feel calmer and more in control of my business, projects, and deadlines. I'm super grateful this exists. Cons: It took me a few minutes to get used to the user interface, but once I did, it became intuitive. They have good tutorials and solid support, so I was able to get the hang of it pretty quickly.
S.M. Boyce
The Game plan program is very user friendly and allows me to create professional Gantt charts very quickly. Love all of its functionality! I highly recommend this system.
Nick Garding
Gameplan has been the easiest project planning tool I've used which allowed for easy company adoption and huge savings in time and transparency between teams. Highly recommended.
Michael Silmont
Fantastic application for aiding in project management and auto scheduling. They are keen on providing an excellent user experience.
Blake Hodder