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Tasks vs. Meetings – what’s the difference?


A meeting has a fixed start date and time.  Nothing will cause this start time to change.
Therefore, if your activity must start at a given time, make it a meeting.


A task has a flexible start time.  GamePlan will schedule the task to start as early as possible, while honouring all of the constraints that you put on the task.

The constraints that determine when a task can start are:

  • the plan start date
  • all links from other tasks and meetings
  • an earliest possible start date if one is specified
  • the availability of the people working on the task
  • the priority of the task relative to other tasks
  • the minimum and maximum number of people that can work on a task
When the same person is assigned to a task and a meeting, the task will automatically split around the meeting.  This can be seen below in the Gantt chart.
Tasks cannot be changed to meetings and meetings cannot be changed to tasks, however tasks can be “locked”.  The schedule for a locked task will not change, even if there is a delay with a preceding task.
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