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% Complete

Project tracking in GamePlan just got a whole lot easier! For two reasons: you can enter % complete on your tasks you can set a

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What is a locked task?

A client recently told us “once we commit resources to a task, the work schedule for that task cannot change, even if there are delays

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How do I name a plan?

When you create a new plan, the default plan name is “New Plan ” followed by today’s date.Type any name for your new plan.  The default

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Does GamePlan run on a Mac?

Yes, we have many users who are successfully using GamePlan on their Mac computers. Safari is the recommended browser for running GamePlan on a Mac.

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How do I share a plan?

Share your plan by clicking on Share Plan… on the Plan menu. This displays the Sharing dialog. Click the Add button to display the Add User for

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