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Recent enhancements

Over the past few months we have carried out a large code maintenance project.  Benefits of this work include improved stability and performance, as well as allowing us to use the latest software development tools as we continue to develop GamePlan.

In addition to updating our entire code base, we have implemented the following fixes and enhancements:

1. You can now pan the Whiteboard when a group covers the Whiteboard.  The group shading now fades to transparent once the group covers the majority of the Whiteboard.  This allows you to click inside the group and pan the Whiteboard.  To move the group, click and drag on the group name.

2. You can now type into the Task work field when the field dropdown list is open and the entered value will be accepted.  Previously the entered value would change to 15 minutes.

3. On an iPad you can now swipe left and right on the calendar to change months.

4. A new 20 step tutorial with animations has been developed to teach you GamePlan. You can start the tutorial at any time from the Help menu.


5. The Gantt chart now scrolls vertically with the mouse wheel when the mouse cursor is over the Gantt chart task names.  In Settings you can choose to require the Shift key to be pressed to enable mouse wheel scrolling, a solution for overly sensitive devices such as Apple’s Magic Mouse.

6.  Links between tasks in different projects now support % complete on the preceding task.

7.  The Gantt chart PDF now shows the scheduling start date as a thin red vertical line.

8.  GamePlan now has a small green, orange or red circle in the right of the toolbar to show you your online connection status.  Green = good connection, orange = slow connection and red = no connection.  The green circle can be seen to the left of the multiple select button in the image with #4 above.

9.  Task start and end dates are now always written on one line on the Whiteboard.  Previously a start or end date could line wrap if both the year and the time were shown.

10.  The critical path is now calculated on a per project basis.  Previously only one critical path was shown per plan.

11.  A meeting no longer breaks the critical path chain.

12.  The critical path calculation only considers the duration of tasks, not the duration of meetings.

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