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GamePlan Fixes and Enhancements

Today your GamePlan just got a little better, as we released the following fixes and enhancements:

  • Copy and paste projects
  • Switch projects from the Gantt chart
  • Timesheet entries can span multiple days
  • Notes are always saved
  • Utilization reporting
  • Dragging groups into groups.
  • Remembering summary reports filter settings
  • Schedule panel stays expanded if you want it to

Copy Project

You can now copy and paste entire projects.  To do this, click on an empty space on the Whiteboard, right click, and from the context menu choose Copy project.


Switching project tabs from the Gantt chart

When the Gantt chart shows all projects in the plan, clicking on a Gantt chart task bar or row heading will switch the project tab, if necessary, to the project containing the selected item.


Timesheet rows can now span multiple days

If you work full time on a task for consecutive days, you can now enter this into the timesheet with a single row.  GamePlan will calculate the working hours between your entered start and end dates and times.  Previously, each day had to be entered on a separate row, or days between the start date and end date would each count as 24 hours of work.


Notes always saved

Notes are now saved if you click on the Whiteboard while editing your notes.  Previously, edits to notes were only saved when the Save button was pressed, which made it too easy to accidentally lose work.


Utilization reporting

A person’s utilization between their start and end times is now correctly reported for both individual projects and the entire plan.  Previously, the utilization for the entire plan was always reported regardless of the plan/project filter.

GamePlan_Project_utilisation   GamePlan_Plan_utilisation

Dragging a group into a group

When dragging a first group into a second group, if the first group had internal groups, the nesting structure of the internal groups was lost.  The group nesting structure is now retained.

Summary reports filter

The summary reports plan/project filter always reverted to project after a selection on the Whiteboard.  The filter setting is now retained.

Schedule panel

The Schedule panel within the Data panel always reverted to collapsed after a report was displayed.  The expanded/collapsed setting is now retained.

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