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Recurring Meetings

Did you ever wish you could set meetings to repeat?  Perhaps you have a weekly team meeting or a bi-weekly sales meeting, and regular work needs to break around those meetings.  Recurring meetings can now be included in your plan.

After you create a meeting, a Repeat On/Off toggle button is now shown below the other meeting properties.  The default value is Off.

GamePlan recurring meeting

Toggling this button to On displays the Recurring Meeting dialog.

GamePlan recurring meeting dialog

The recurrence pattern is extremely flexible.  The example below sets a weekly meeting from 9 to 10 am every Monday for the next three months.

GamePlan recurring meeting weekly

The example below sets a meeting on the last Friday of every second month for the remainder of the year.

GamePlan recurring meeting monthly

You even have the flexibility to specify multiple recurrence patterns with a single meeting.

GamePlan recurring meeting 2

Tasks automatically split around meetings so no one is ever double-booked.

GamePlan recurring meeting task split

Finally, Timesheet entry for Recurring meetings has been enhanced to make setting meetings as completed an easy process.  For recurring meetings, the button text reads “Set next meeting Completed”.  This allows individual meetings to be marked as complete simply by pressing a single button.

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