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GamePlan Software Update – August 31, 2016

Last month we reported that GamePlan development is currently focusing on two areas:

  • usability
  • performance

The following items have now been implemented:

  • enhancements to the Plans list to show a small image of the Whiteboard, as well as information on the plan such as start date, end date, % complete, etc


  • Links on the Whiteboard can be selected, making it simpler to edit the properties of a Link


  • the performance of selecting items on the Whiteboard has been improved for large plans
  • network traffic has been reduced when saving and retrieving plans.
  • the plan list for new users now shows three example plans, including a plan for how to learn GamePlan
  • when hovering over an item on the Whiteboard, an info tip shows time information


We are currently working on user authentication, so that users will stay logged in and bookmarked plans can be directly accessed.  We are also working on making the creation of links between tasks easier to discover.

After a few more usability and performance enhancements, we will continue to add functionality to GamePlan.  The following new features are upcoming:

  • reporting directly to Excel
  • reporting Slack for each task
  • Links between groups
  • Links between projects
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