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Want a better way to plan? Visual Planning is easy and eliminates mistakes because you see and understand the plan.

Until now, planning tools have been hard to use. GamePlan changes that. Anyone can plan in GamePlan. It's easy, it's fast, and it's the best way to communicate a construction plan.

Benefits of planning

Planning makes you consider all aspects of a project, which results in far fewer surprises later.

The plan is the way to communicate to all project stakeholders. Because people understand the project plan, they have confidence in the project.

Then, follow the plan and you'll deliver the project on time.

GamePlan Construction Software
GamePlan Gantt chart PDF commercial construction


GamePlan creates a resource-leveled project schedule from the project plan. A resource-leveled schedule is an achievable schedule because people are not double-booked.

When any change is made to the plan, the schedule is automatically updated.

Benefits of Scheduling

The schedule tells you when all of your project deliverable dates will be achieved, so you can communicate these dates with confidence.

The schedule also shows your subcontractors when their tasks will be ready to work on. This eliminates wasted time and keeps the project on track.


Tracking the project is done by setting tasks as completed or entering timesheets. When you track the project, the plan stays up to date.

Benefits of Tracking

Tracking keeps the schedule valid, so that everyone can rely on the schedule. When there's a delay or when a task takes longer than expected, the downstream schedule updates.

Tracking the project also shows the project status. How far through the project are you? When will it finish? This information and more is always known.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can my subcontractors access the plan online?
Yes, and you control their access permission. 'View' permission lets them see when they are scheduled to work, and prevents them from making changes.
Do my subcontractors need to pay for GamePlan?
No, Viewer licenses for GamePlan are free. A Viewer license allows your subcontractors to view plans that have been shared with them, and allows them to enter timesheets, so you can track their progress.
Can I have multiple buildings in my plan?
Absolutely! GamePlan supports multiple projects within a plan, and each project has its own Whiteboard. GamePlan's scheduling engine ensures that no one is double booked across the different projects.
Do I have to plan every building or can I copy an existing one?
You can copy and paste tasks, groups and entire projects into the same plan or into a different plan.
Can I get the commercial construction template shown in the images above?
Yes. Just contact us through our website and we'll gladly share it with you. This will save you time getting started.
Do I need special hardware to use GamePlan?
GamePlan requires a personal computer, either PC or Mac. Tablets are not yet supported. Like all graphical applications, you should use an external mouse. Because GamePlan is a cloud application, an internet connection is required.
Can GamePlan import data from other applications?
Yes. GamePlan can import data from Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Project, and from Primavera P6 through a XER file.

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