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A new business requires careful planning. GamePlan is today's best online planning and scheduling tool because it's visual and easy to use.

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Many people are involved in launching a business, so you need one plan that everyone works from.

With GamePlan, everyone understands the plan because it's visual. People stay focused on completing their tasks because they know their impact on the business launch.

Benefits of planning

Planning makes you consider all aspects of the new business ahead of time. This is critical when so much is at stake.

Planning also shows the project's critical path (with red arrows). These are the tasks that will impact the business start date if they run late.

New Business Plan in GamePlan
GamePlan Product Launch with Gantt Chart


A schedule is mandatory because without a schedule you don't know when the business will be ready to launch, and people don't know when they're needed.

GamePlan creates a resource-leveled project schedule as you visually plan, and shows it in a Gantt chart. This is different to all other products, where you have to create the Gantt chart. In GamePlan, the Gantt chart is created for you.

Benefits of Scheduling

The schedule shows you the earliest possible business launch date, and it shows people when to start and finish their tasks in order to achieve it.


Once execution of the plan starts, tracking keeps everything up to date. Tracking is done by marking tasks as Completed on Schedule or entering timesheets.

Benefits of Tracking

Tracking keeps the schedule valid, so that everyone can rely on it. When there's a delay or when a task takes longer than expected, the downstream schedule automatically updates.

Tracking shows the project status. What is the progress? When will the new business be ready launch? This information and more is always known.

Tracking also gives you a permanent record of plan versus actuals. Analysing this data in a project post-mortem is a valuable learning experience that improves future planning.

GamePlan People Report

Frequently Asked Questions

Can everyone on my team access the plan online?
Yes, and you control their access permission. For example, 'timesheet' permission lets them view the plan, set tasks complete, and enter timesheets.
Do people that I share the plan with need to pay for GamePlan?
No, Viewer licenses for GamePlan are free. A Viewer license still allows people to set tasks complete and enter timesheets, so you can track their progress.
Can I get the new business plan template shown in the images above?
Yes. Please contact us through the website and we'll share it with you.
Do I need special hardware to use GamePlan?
GamePlan requires a personal computer, either PC or Mac. Tablets are not yet supported. Like all graphical applications, you should use an external mouse. Because GamePlan is a cloud application, an internet connection is required.
Which applications can GamePlan import data from?
GamePlan can import data from Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Project, and from Primavera P6 through a XER file.

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