--- title: 'Visualize Microsoft Project' subtitle: 'Communicate your Project schedule visually, in a way people understand.' image: '/assets/images/MSProject_to_GamePlan4.jpg' image_alt: 'GamePlan Visualize Microsoft Project' layout: landingpage permalink: /solutions/Visualize-Microsoft-Project #-------------------- # Customers data #-------------------- customers: - image_url: "assets/images/fake_logo.jpg" image_alt: "logo alt" - image_url: "assets/images/fake_logo.jpg" image_alt: "logo alt" - image_url: "assets/images/fake_logo.jpg" image_alt: "logo alt" - image_url: "assets/images/fake_logo.jpg" image_alt: "logo alt" - image_url: "assets/images/fake_logo.jpg" image_alt: "logo alt" - image_url: "assets/images/fake_logo.jpg" image_alt: "logo alt" #-------------------- # FAQ data #-------------------- faqs: - question: "So GamePlan visually shows my project workflow. Does it do anything else?" answer: "Yes, communication is only one of the benefits of the visual workflow. It also serves as an intuitive user interface to a powerful scheduling engine. As you make changes on the Whiteboard, GamePlan updates the project schedule and displays it in GamePlan's Gantt chart." - question: "Can I move things around on the Whiteboard?" answer: "Absolutely! Everyone has their preferred way of laying out their project plan, so GamePlan gives you complete flexibility. You move tasks and groups with a simple drag and drop." - question: "Can I show large projects in GamePlan?" answer: "GamePlan's visual interface is most suitable for small to medium sized projects. However, large projects typically consist of multiple phases. You can move each phase to its own Whiteboard, and all links between phases will be preserved." - question: "Do I need special hardware to use GamePlan?" answer: "GamePlan is a cloud-based web application which runs on personal computers and iPad tablets. An internet connection is required." - question: "Which applications can GamePlan import data from?" answer: "GamePlan can import data from Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Microsoft Project, and Primavera P6."

Visualize Microsoft Project

Import a Microsoft Project Gantt chart and view the project workflow. No other tool can do this ... only GamePlan!

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Let's be honest. It's really hard to follow the task dependencies in a Gantt chart. Now there's a solution.

Make informed decisions

People make huge decisions based on Gantt charts. But Gantt charts don't give an overall picture of the project. Let GamePlan show you what's really going on in your project, so you make informed decisions.

Visualize Microsoft Project schedule in GamePlan
Visualize Primavera P6 schedule


Research shows that 90% of spreadsheets contain errors. This research has never been done on Gantt charts. If it were, the results would be the same: almost all Gantt charts contain unknown errors.

Validate your Microsoft Project Gantt chart

We bet you'll see errors when you import your Project Gantt chart. We see errors in every one we import. That's because errors in task dependencies are so hard to detect in a Gantt chart, and so easy to see in GamePlan.

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